Saturday, November 22, 2008

What I'm Reading Now?

Yesterday I finished reading a book, which was sent to me by Tracee Gleichner from Pump Up Your Book Promotion. The title of the book was Mo' Dirty: Still Stuntin' by Darrell King. Click on the title to read my review of it.

It's the first of its kind that I've read. It's categorized under the Urban Fiction genre. I visited Wikipedia last night and found out that books in the Urban Fiction genre are mostly full of street or gangsta language, like what you hear in rap songs!

I'm not sure if I like it because it's hard to read and decipher what the characters are trying to say. It's full of bad words you wouldn't want your child to be reading. I'm also guessing that feminists might be against such books which also make women seem like mere objects. The guys also seem to be only interested in money, obtaining the best drugs, and deciding on which girl to sleep with each night.

But then, it's been an interesting read. I'm always open to different kinds of books. Each book is a unique reading experience and I'd like to try them all if I have the time.

Nevertheless, last night I started reading 'Where Rainbows End' (or Love, Rosie or Rosie Dunne in the US) by Cecelia Ahern. Ahern is certainly a talented writer as she can certainly write good stories that can make the reader keep going. I was so engrossed in the book until 2.30 a.m., well past my bedtime. In fact, I was still fully awake at that time and would love to continue reading but I'd better sleep as I've to wake up early this morning.

This is what the book's about (taken from MPH Online):

"Since childhood, Rosie and Alex have stuck by each other through thick and thin. But they're suddenly separated when Alex and his family move from Dublin to America. Rosie is lost withoout him. Then, just as she is about to join Alex in Boston, she gets life-changing news - that will keep her at home in Ireland."

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