Thursday, November 6, 2008

Down With ISA?

I was on my way to the ID show a few weeks ago and came across this little campaign near Prangin Mall. Stopped by for a while and snapped some pics. Check out the black guy crouching over a plate of rice!

From afar, I thought it was a real guy who's doing some kind of stunt but realized that it's not a real human because he's been in that position for quite a long time already.

The huge banner that was displayed

(left)The grammatical error which I hope they changed after I told them about it!
(right)Photocopy of 1987 Star newspaper.

The names of 66 people who are still being detained under the ISA

A lady giving a speech. I didn't listen.

Unrelated photo!

QEII restaurant? Near the ferry terminal place.


  1. Nice pics! Is that my camera you're using?

    Be careful ok and don't go walking around like a photojournalist with it...

    Cameras are very attractive to snatch thieves!

  2. The sister: Nice, aren't they? No, they're taken with my friend's camera.


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