Wednesday, June 11, 2008

YA Romance Challenge!

July 1, 2008 ---> February 28, 2009
I really like the button!

There's a new challenge in town and it's being hosted by Becky of Becky's Book Reviews! This will probably be my 4th challenge.

Here are the rules of the YA Romance Challenge:

1. Read six YA romance novels between July 1, 2008 and February 28, 2009.
2. Romance should be a strong element within the story. But it doesn't have to be the only element. Realistic fiction (contemporary). Historical. Fantasy. Science Fiction. Retold Fairy Tales. All genres are allowed.
3. They can be part of a series, or stand-alones.
4. They can be long or short.
5. Happy books are NOT a requirement
6. Audio books are allowed.
7. Up to three movies can be substituted for books. So you could watch 3 movies, read 3 books if you prefer.

If you aren't sure about which authors to read, here is a list of recommended authors taken from the YA Romance Challenge blog:

  1. Ally Carter
  2. Ann Brashares
  3. Anna Godbersen
  4. Cameron Dokey
  5. Carrie Jones
  6. Catherine Gilbert Murdock
  7. Cecily von Ziegesar
  8. Deb Caletti
  9. E. Lockhart
  10. Elizabeth Scott
  11. Francesca Lia Block
  12. Gail Carson Levine
  13. Jaclyn Moriarty
  14. Libba Bray
  15. Louise Rennison
  16. Meg Cabot
  17. Megan McCafferty
  18. Melissa Kantor
  19. Melissa Schorr
  20. Rachel Cohn
  21. Robin McKinley
  22. Sara Zarr
  23. Sarah Dessen
  24. Shannon Hale
  25. Sonya Sones
  26. Stephenie Meyer
  27. Susane Colasanti
  28. Tina Ferraro
  29. Zoey Dean

I'll do some research first on what books I shall read for the challenge. Anyway, I'll be putting Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer on my list, that's for sure. I bought it on Sunday! =D


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  2. Wow, that is a long lists of authors.I don't know which one to pick hehe.Anyway,it is an interesting challenge.
    I'm a slow reader,some novels can push me all the way to the end of a month to finish.
    I'm always amaze how women(like my mother)can finish a single novel in a day or two.

  3. Hi Josette,
    You are right. I am using Firefox. The purple color of your blog's background is not showing when I visit your blog. :)

    I hope to see your new blog template soon. :)

  4. Hi Josette,
    Nice blog template. :)

    You are Penang people? I am Kuching people. :)

  5. I like your new template :) Also, I can comment on it even though I'm doing this from China!

  6. Hi. Thanks for visiting my site and leaving a comment.

    I buy books at a local used book store. Also take the ones I have read there, they give me credit which enables me to get more books free. Works well for everyone. =) Books could keep us broke!! =)

    Am reading "and Ladies of the Club". it has 1400+ pages. Should take me a while to complete. A good read!!

  7. wan nor azriq: Hi, yeah, and the list gets longer too! Haha! And don't worry, I also take a long time to finish a book. Some books can be long-winded and dull.

    greenleaf: Hi! Thanks! I like your new blog template too. Nice to *meet* someone from Kuching! :)

    kittycat: Hello, thank you and hurray, you can finally comment!

    Mary: Oh, book exchanging! That's a great idea! You get to read more and save money at the same time. And have fun reading the book you're reading now!


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