Saturday, June 21, 2008

Crazy About Chess

Chess, chess, chess…I’ve been playing chess frequently ever since last month. Yeah, kind of addicted to the game and it’s some sort of therapy for me too. My friend commented that I should try other games and not play chess all the time. Well, I tried other games but I always returned to playing those white and black pieces. :)

I learnt to play this game a long time ago. I don’t really remember when but that time, I learnt the movement of the different pieces. The king is the most useless one of all, only being able to move one pathetic step at a time. On the other hand, his wife(???), the Queen, is the most powerful. She can move anywhere. If you lose your Queen, you’ll feel like your game has come to an end. But then, the game is only really over when your king has been checkmated. So, you should keep playing and don’t give up that fast!

Another friend introduced me to play chess at Yahoo games last month. Yeah, it’s kind of my second home for now. I get to play as many games of chess with anyone, anytime. You also get to meet lots of colourful characters there too. Some are nice, some not so nice and some players are too brilliant for me. If I see their ridiculously high ratings, I won’t play with them! They’ll defeat me mercilessly, I tell ya!

My ratings aren’t that great anyway. However, I never resign from a game. I’ll keep playing until I either get my king checkmated or get a draw or a stalemate. Sometimes, even if my king is the only one left in my army, I still gain points. This is because my opponent couldn’t checkmate my king properly. So, in a way, I gain points as a result of my unlimited perseverance. :)

How long will I be playing chess and neglect my books? I don’t really know. I know I should balance my time with chess and books. I’ve been really behind in my readings. My plan was to try to read as much as possible but this chess thing came up out of the blue. I’ll just continue playing until school reopens or until I just get plain bored with the game. :p

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