Monday, June 23, 2008

Plugins I'm Using In My Wordpress Blog

Using plugins for your Wordpress blog can really make your blog look good, function better than before, help you attract readers and so much more. This is why I love Wordpress plugins so much! I enjoy searching for new and interesting plugins, and then downloading them and finally testing them out. I'm ecstatic whenever a plugin works perfectly without giving me any headaches.

However, some plugins just decide to make my day more exciting by creating a few problems here and there. Thus, I have to crack my head and figure out what went wrong. When it FINALLY works normally, I breathe a sigh of relief or rather, exclaim 'YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!' like a deranged person.

Anyway, what I'd like to ask is what kind of plugins that YOU are using for your Wordpress blog? Like I mentioned earlier, I'm always interested in new, unique, exotic plugins. So, why not tell me your favourite plugins or plugins that nobody should live without?

Here are the plugins that I'm using now for my blog:

Admin Drop Down Menus
Better Comments Manager
Contact Form
Feedburner Feed Replacement
Filosofo Comments Preview
Highlight Author Comments
Similar Posts
Social List
Subscribe Remind
Subscribe to Comments
What Would Seth Godin Do
WP Admin Bar Reloaded
WP Categories and Posts

There. I've listed out the plugins that I'm using right now and some of them I've been using since I started my Wordpress blog. What would I do without them? Sigh...


  1. You're very kind to share the plugins that you use on your blog esp to tech-less folks like me. It's looking really nice!

  2. kittycat: Haha! Don't worry! Installing plugins are part of the fun in blogging. I hope you found some plugins that you might find useful. :D And yeah, I hope *somebody* will help you upload them too!


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