Saturday, February 2, 2008

Holiday Time!

Uh, not really lah, I guess since I'm planning to catch up on my reading during this one week of holiday, which is in conjunction with Chinese New Year. My friends went back home yesterday already. I couldn't rush home yet cos I had Spanish class today. But after the class, it was time to pack my stuff and head off home!

I have tons of readings to read and I'm still behind in my book reading. I know, I know, there haven't been any new reviews lately...just been so, so, so busy! Busy doing what, I have no idea. Busy wasting my time I guess!

I have an assignment due right after my holidays and I just found a book in my library but I'm not in campus anymore! How am I going to get that book from the library??? If only I had found it earlier, then I would have borrowed it before going home. I don't know when the library is open and when they are going to close. Ah...macam mana???

Also, there are not many sponsored posts for me to write anymore. There are NONE available for me! So income for a while...even though it's a little but it's still some income! Hehe...

Okay, it's late now....12.25 a.m.. Good night!

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