Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Dreaming Of More Books

Get 22% off for 2 items, 28% off for 6 items.

That's the promotion for the month of February at Yup, you can get books at discounted prices if you buy 2 or more. Did you notice the words that they used to describe their discounts? Like 'Rewarding 22% discount' and 'Smashing 28% discount'.

I think that the discount will only be 'smashing' if it's 50% or 70% off. 28% off is not really 'smashing'.

The only thing I don't like about Acmamall is their delivery charge. RM7.50! Ridiculously expensive. At least MPH's is only RM4.90. Why do they have to charge so much for shipping? I like Acmamall because of their wide selection of books. You can find books that are not found in local bookstores.

Anyway, I checked the price of Stephenie Meyer's 3rd Bella Swan book, 'Eclipse' at Acmamall and it's only RM66.96 (hardcover). Other places are selling it at RM76.90. So, if you buy it from Acmamall and then you add the shipping price, the total would only come up to RM74.46. A little bit cheaper than RM76.90.

Yup, like I said. I can only dream of buying books now. Perhaps tomorrow I will suddenly own 1 million dollars out of nowhere. Then, I would not need fuss so much over Acmamall's RM7.50 charge for shipping. =D


  1. hi! i like acmamall too.. i chanced upon it while searching for a cheaper local alternative for Amazon.. Shipping from US to singapore costs too much! I can buy another book or two with the money for shipping =b They should provide free international shipping if we spend a certain amt don't u think?
    Nice blog of yours! :D happy cny!

  2. I've never tried buying anything from Amazon. Shipping's too darn expensive! Thanks for dropping by my blog too! :D

  3. I want OpenTrolley to start operating in Malaysia. Now they only operates in Singapore


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