Thursday, February 7, 2008

Read My Blog In Your Language!

I've just added an Altavista Babel Fish button at the left side of my blog. You can now change this blog's language to any of the 8 languages that it is able to change to.

If you want Chinese, click on China's flag:

If German:

Next, Japanese!

For French:

If you want Italian:

For Korean:

If you want to read in Portuguese:

And finally, if you want español:

There, you have 8 languages! This is a good flag lesson for me too. Now, at least I know which flag belongs to which country.

And no, you don't click on the flag's which appear on THIS post. You will need to click the flags in the small button on the bottom left of the page. The button is just above my Bookaholic Blogring box.

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