Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Which Web Host To Use?

I'm planning to switch web host. I've heard of Exabytes and they have a student plan for students too, which isn't that bad. It's cheap too. Anyone using Exabytes who would like to comment on their service? Are they good? I've read somewhere that their customer support is kinda excellent. They work round the clock if I'm not mistaken and they reply to e-mails like the flash of lightning.

How? How? How? I am at a loss. I want good and cheap. That's what most people want too, right? =p


  1. I don't know about exabytes. I'm currently hosted by internet-wbhosting.com and so far, their services are great! The support is exellent. you get your reply within 5 minutes. here's a tip on how to know if the the support is good. try to send an email asking questions . any questions. and see how fast they reply. from there you can make comparisons. also, the bandwidth must at least 10 times more than the webspace. good luck! ;)

  2. Hi Aisyah,

    Thanks for your comment. Oh, that's a new tip about the bandwidth thing...I'll check it out now in their plans. And yeah, I am asking them questions and so far, replies have been quite fast. Satisfactory. =D Thank you.

  3. There is a golden rule in the world of webhosting.

    Cheap, fast, reliable. Pick two.

    Fast and reliable webhosting are rarely cheap. If anything by my experience, the only way you can get that kind of quality for less money is that you know someone who is willing to give you a good deal. That's how I've managed to get away with great deals for free. It's a big world out there to blog good.

  4. Hi kamigoroshi,

    If I can, I'd like to pick all 3! But that would be dreaming, right? My current web host is fast and reliable but not really cheap, unfortunately.


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