Monday, June 14, 2010

Peachy Posts #6

Peachy Posts is a feature on this blog where noteworthy posts from other blogs/sites are highlighted.

1. An insightful post by Becky of Becky's Book Reviews on the freedom of blogging. More like blogging without guilt!

2. Can't finish the book? Misfit Salon has a post on what makes the reader stop reading. On the same subject, Teresa of Shelf Love has some points on why readers dislike what they read.

3. Afraid of writing a negative review? Becky has a good post on writing negative reviews to help you think straight! A similar post can also be found at Book Faery where she also writes about reading a series of books.

4. Who knew those tags and labels were that important? Beth Fish has some useful tips on categorising your blog posts.

5. Remember the writing rule, "Show, don't tell"? Valerie of I Should be Writing has some writing tips for you.

6. Check out Franklin's Top 10 Stephen King books at Book Stove.

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