Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Everything Austen II Challenge

July 01, 2010 ---> January 01, 2011
Hosted by Stephanie's Written Word

Details: The Everything Austen Challenge will run for six months! All you need to do is pick out six Austen-themed things you want to finish to complete the challenge. You have until Thursday, July 15th 2010 to officially sign up.

The six Austen-themed things I'm going to do over the next six months:

1. Read Emma
2. Read Pride and Prejudice
3. Read Confessions of a Jane Austen Addict
4. Read The Jane Austen Book Club
5. Watch Emma (1996)
6. Watch Pride and Prejudice (1995 and 2005)

Below are snapshots from some movies based on Jane Austen's novels.

(left) Emma and Mr Knightley
(right) The cast of Clueless which was based on Emma

(left) Mr Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet of 1995's Pride and Prejudice
(right) Mr Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet of 2005's Pride and Prejudice

Oooh, I'm so excited! I'm thinking of watching three movies and reading three books either by Austen or about her or her books.


  1. I love all the films and TV ahows based on her books, I thik I could quite happily watch 6 of those. If you can get it in American then I would highly recommend 'Lost in Austen'

  2. I've only read half of her books. Maybe I should get around to the other.

  3. Hi, Jo. Not so familiar with me here in this part of the globe. Nevertheless, I would like to let you know that I'm dropping by here for a while...
    Good day!

  4. I've been wanting to read my collection of her books again. This is as good a time as any to start. Haha! Thanks for leading me to the challenge.

  5. jo dun know clueless based on Emma.I've watched it before,Ok lo.but pride n prejudice is the best.hahaha.actually sweet...... (^^,)~love mr.darcy at the end of keira's pride n prejudice.cet~^_^

  6. Confessions of a Jane Austen Addict is great... I still have yet to read the 2nd book, though.

    Have you seen both versions of P&P? I watched the 1995 version for the 1st time last year (it was actually for the challenge!) and didn't like it at all.

  7. Jessica: I love them too though I've only watched Emma and Pride and Prejudice (1995 and 2005). And yeah, I'd love to watch Lost in Austen too. Will need to find the DVD. I'm from Malaysia by the way. :)

    Brenna: I've only read one of her books. I hope to read the others too.

    dodong flores: Hi! Haha, I just got to know about this too. Thanks for visiting again. :) Have a great weekend!

    Kah Woei: Yay, you're in too! Glad you liked the challenge.

    Namukiawa: Oooh, you like Mr Darcy or the actor, Matthew Macfayden, right spelling?? Haha!

    Shannon: There's a sequel to that book? Great!

    Yes, I've already watched both versions and love them both a lot. Ohhh, I'm sorry to hear you don't like the 1995 was nice for me and the actors certainly looked a lot different from the 2005 version.

  8. Hi Josette
    To enhance your Jane Austen experience this year, I thought you may be interested in my Jane Austen related event.

    The Pemberley Ball!

    Schedule is up with posts and giveaways all about Mr Darcy:

    You are welcome to enter any of the giveaways which all end Nov 28.

    ps: Come by and get a dose of Darcy!


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