Monday, June 14, 2010

Now Reading Reloaded plugin installed!

A couple of years ago, I came upon the Now Reading plugin (for Wordpress blogs) by Rob Miller. Some blogs are using it to show books they've read or planning to read and I wanted it for my Wordpress blog too. It looked so good! Still do.

I was a newbie in HTML at that time so I didn't know how to install it successfully. The instructions looked easy but somehow, something was not right somewhere. So I gave up. I would go back to the plugin some time after that to try and make it work but no luck. Last week, I tried again. Still doesn't work.

Anyway, I was lucky to find a similar/updated/modified version of the same plugin and it's called Now Reading Reloaded by Ben Gunnink. I spent almost a whole day working on and doing some tweaking to the plugin to make it look 100% okay on my blog. You can see how my Library page looks like now. :)

Mind you, it wasn't easy to make it look proper. I had to make adjustments to the plugin's templates so that the pages didn't look broken up. I Googled many times for tips, tricks, anything that would give me an idea on how to fix the problems.

Thank goodness I found this blog, and read how he tweaked the plugin. The blog Planet Mediocrity helped me too. I also found good advice from the support forum related to this plugin.

You may visit the abovementioned websites should you need help in installing this plugin. :)


  1. wah wah Jo.what a relief kan after da slesai sume tuh.aku penah alaminye.musti mau cuba juga lah

  2. Just found this page while Googling the plugin. I love your library and I agree, this plugin rocks! I've been using it for years. =)

  3. ko0ty: Hey there. Yeah, I love the plugin too but lately, some of the books' images don't appear. I've just seen your Library page and it looks really good!


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