Monday, June 14, 2010

Math made easy


If only Math was that simple, right? But the truth of the matter is, I really enjoyed Math during my school days. My friends would call me a Math freak (I think!) because they can always find me sitting at my desk practising some Math questions. Ah, I did love Math. If only I could still take out my old practice books and get down to solving some hard head-cracking problems!

Since I did a lot of questions, I also couldn't solve many of the Math problems. I did ask some of my friends for help but I couldn't ask them all the time. It wouldn't be fair to wholly depend on them. So when my Math teachers came into class, (yes I had two of them as I was taking Modern Maths and Additional Maths in Form Six during my pre-university studies), I'd bring up some questions for them to help me solve.

Another way to get additional Math help was through the Internet. Of course there are Math tutors online who would kindly oblige to guide students in solving those darn Math questions. They are absolute geniuses, let me tell you that! They were my life-savers and also saved a lot of my time. So if you're looking for a Math problem solver, you can just google "math help" or relevant search terms on the search engine.

Good luck with Math!

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