Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Learning Spanish Again!

Yes, I'm continuing my Spanish classes again! I took Level One two semesters ago. Now I'm doing Level Two and I've already forgotten half of what I learnt. So yesterday, I tried to cram in as much Spanish as possible so that I can be partially ready for this morning's class. I have the same teacher as last time and I wouldn't want to make her irritated with me for being slow.

Luckily today's class was more uplifting and cheery. At least the teacher spoke some English! In the first class on Monday, she spoke completely in Spanish and I think most of us were quite bewildered and looked at her blankly. There are only five students. I thought it'd be quite dull but I'm glad it was anything but that today. Even though I couldn't answer all the teacher's questions, I had fun.

Now, I just need to do more revision so I'll be better prepared for next week's class.


  1. Good luck for your study then :)

  2. Jessen: Thanks! I do need all the luck I can get. :)

  3. Hola, Josette! Great to hear this - I loved learning Spanish and sadly, whatever I've learned is disappearing as fast as Speedy Gonzales now. Have fun with your classes. Adios!

  4. Kittycat: Hola! Oh, I'm sure you won't forget them all. :)

    I've thought of watching some Spanish sitcoms like the one called "7 Lives". The teacher let us watch one episode during a lesson. It wasn't even the whole episode, only a few scenes that were needed for the exercises in our book.


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