Wednesday, December 3, 2008

What I Read Last Month

Only three books because I had exams until November 19. Here they are:

I'm now reading Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer! In the middle of Chapter 5 right now. :)


  1. Hi there, the next Penang Bloggers Meet is here! Buffet lunch, free goodie bags & many more. For more info, pls log on to Thx.

  2. I am reading Millionaire Landlord by Azizi Ali ;)

  3. I found a new book. Its starts off and grabs you right away.

    I was called Awake (Are We)? Part 1 Journey to the Waterfall Kingdom.

    Its like LOTR and Narina but also has some amazing new ideas that at first blew my mind but I have actually read it a few times now and love it I want the 2nd part to come out soon.

    I found it on Amazon site and Barnes and Noble.

    Give it a go see what you think.

  4. hey.. i got the e-books on all the the 4 twilight book series.. hehe..

  5. Chee Hsien: Thanks for the announcement. :)

    Faisal: Sounds like a fascinating book! :)

    Anonymous: I liked The Lion, The Witch and The might check this out if it's available in bookstores. Thanks for the recommendation.

    Jard the Great: Wow, how did you ever find them?? Alas, I prefer paperbacks. :) Have you read them all yet? What did you think of them? I haven't read Breaking Dawn yet. Haven't even bought the book yet! But I certainly can't wait!


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