Sunday, October 19, 2008

Went To Watch Id Today

This should be the second theatrical play that I've watched in all my life. Id. You can find out more about it from their blog. There are only six actors in the play. It lasted for less than two hours but boy, was it entertaining! I was totally immersed in the play the whole time it lasted. It was also held at The Actors Studio at Greenhall, Penang.

The actors are really talented. They were flawless, extremely expressive, had clear pronunciation of words, energetic, full of chemistry with one another, and the list just goes on. It was worth my RM15.00 (student price)! I want to watch more plays after this!

I noticed that the audience was quite small. I think there were around 20++ people there. But they had shows at other times too. Perhaps the crowd's less on a Sunday afternoon.

Here's a description of what the play's about!

­­'­Id' tells a very simple story on the basis of a very ‘complex’ theory.

It is simply a tale of human behaviour and how one’s desires are coupled with one’s sense of moral judgment, which finally leads to an individual’s decision.

The play is a potpourri of sociological studies summarised and portrayed through the lives of six people who encounter the values of friendship, family, social choice, religion, etc.

Perhaps understanding Freud isn’t as difficult as it has always seemed.

The story of the play had something to do with Sigmund Freud's theories.

They even had bits of Mean Girls and White Chicks in it. For example, when the girls were talking with each other. They talked like how the girls in White Chicks did. Also, they used 'Oh my God!' a lot of times. Too many times actually till it got irritating.

The ending was a little bit confusing too. Why was the 'Angel of Death' wearing a white bathrobe? I thought the girl character had ended up in a hotel room with some strange guy or something. Didn't realize that she's Death itself! Maybe that's another character she plays.

But overall, it was a great show. Wonderful exposure for me since I'm planning to minor in Drama and Theatre. I love stories. I love movies. And now, I love theatre!


  1. john has explained about the white robe in the comment (i refer to their blog linked by you). it makes sense though. by the way, the play still on till now? how much is the tix if i'm not a student? might consider to give a try.

  2. Hi Faisal, all right, I'll go back to the site and find out what's the white robe all about!

    This show's still on at TAS@BSC, KL. Oct 24, 25 and 26. So if you're in KL, you can still check it out!

    Student price: RM15.00.
    Normal price: RM20.00

    But one of the actors told me that if you come in a group, it might be cheaper.

  3. oh. now they are in kl? i'm in penang and guess i miss the chance to watch it. next time maybe. let me know if there is any play in penang again ok? rm20 is fine with me :)

    p/s: did you watch Turandot last time in dewan sri pinang? i was the extra :)

  4. faisal: Sure! I'd look out for the latest happenings in theatre especially the ones in Penang.

    No, I didn't catch Turandot! Wow, really?? Cool! Anyway, I passed Dewan Sri Penang the other day and the place looked dead and empty. Is it closed on Sundays?


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