Saturday, October 25, 2008

I Won The Graveyard Book!

Actually, I forgot that I entered this book giveaway held at The Novel World. But when I checked through my feeds and visited Nari's blog, there it was. My name and blog name stated boldly on the page. I'm so happy to win The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman! Another book to add to my stack.

By the way, I had better go through all the books that I and my sister own before setting out to buy anymore books. Sometimes I forget what I or my sister already had that I will buy the same book by mistake. This is why I've started haunting Library Thing again! :D


  1. congrats. i need a shelf for myself i suppose. more and more books in my room and they are everywhere lol. i'm not kind of untidy but i really need a shelf. right now i need to think of a way to get rid of this silly gigantic cupboard. lol.

  2. congratulations! i'm actually kind of jealous, ha.

    agree with you about the 'double book buys' thing. it came to a point that i had to call my sister up before deciding to buy a book, just to check if she had it already!

    but that's not foolproof. i'm guilty of buying books and letting them stew on my bookshelves... and then coming home with another copy, because i forgot i had the same title in the first place. haih.

  3. faisal: Thank you. Yeah, I understand about overflowing books too and no space to keep them!

    zyrin: Thanks. Haha! Don't worry, I get jealous too when other people win stuff. Yeah, I'm going through my books more frequently to remember what I have and don't have.


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