Saturday, October 18, 2008

How's Your Online Shopping Experience?

There was a feature article last week in one of the daily newspapers on online stores that sell clothes, accessories, shoes, and other stuff that can be sold online! Well, I didn’t realize that there were so many local online stores selling ladies’ clothes. I was, like, where did they all spring out from? How come I have never came across them in my long days of spending online?

Have you purchased clothes or shoes or bags from online stores before? So far, I have only bought books and DVDs, never clothes. My sister once remarked that maybe the clothes might have been worn before or they could be some dead person’s clothes! Yeah, she’s pretty skeptical about most things. =D

What I’m worried about is the size of clothing and shoes. What if they don’t fit me and what if I can’t return them? I noticed on some online store blogs that items sold are not refundable and exchangeable, whatever that means. It’ll be kind of risky, won’t it? But some stuff I saw in these online stores look darn good. They are even hinting at me to buy them! It’s just too bad actually since I’m kind of broke right now.


  1. I can't imagine myself buying clothes online either. I need to touch them and feel them and try them on first.

  2. nymeth: True, just in case we buy the wrong size or if the material wasn't what we expected!


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