Friday, October 26, 2007

Read With Abandon? - BTT #2

I'm going to answer another question posted on Booking Through Thursday!

Today’s suggestion is from Cereal Box Reader

I would enjoy reading a meme about people’s abandoned books. The books that you start but don’t finish say as much about you as the ones you actually read, sometimes because of the books themselves or because of the circumstances that prevent you from finishing. So . . . what books have you abandoned and why?

It's quite rare for me to not finish reading a book because I don't know since when, I've vowed to try to read a book from beginning to end. No skipping pages, no jumping to the ending. But a few years ago, my sis gave me 'Diary of a Girl in Changi' for Christmas. It was a pretty dull book to me. I only read it halfway then I stopped. I thought I might read something else and I'd get back to that book soon. I never did. After 3 or 4 Christmases, I still haven't finished the book.

Another book that I skipped some pages was Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. I know, I know it's a classic! But, somehow it was too long-winded for me. I just wanted to go to the ending and finish the book so I could freshen myself up with another book.

I think there aren't anymore books that I never completed. Even if some books are really boring now, I'll still try to finish them even if it takes me weeks and months. I shouldn't give up!


  1. Hehe - you are brave admitting that about Austen :)

    I understand though - I have just finished reading The Little White Horse to my kids and skipped long descriptive passages in that because they are a little young to get them and enjoyed the more action oriented parts. When they are bigger and read it themselves they will get the descriptions (which are beautiful :) )

    Have a good week :)

  2. Hello,

    Oh of course you've to skip the long, boring parts...haha! But if you're reading it to them as a bedtime story, I'm sure they'll doze off to sleep faster.


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