Monday, October 22, 2007

Exciting England!

I’ve always wanted to go to the United Kingdom. London buses, Buckingham Palace, Oxford University, etc! Guess what. I’ve dreamt of attending Oxford University before but since I’m not a genius or anything, that dream never really came true. Anyway, I can always go to England for a holiday or something. The main thing is: books!

Yes! If I ever find myself in the UK, I’ll definitely go to the big bookshops there. Places like Waterstones and Foyles. Oh yeah, those places are unquestionably at the top of my list of places to go when and if I’m in England.

Besides those bookshops, I’ll make sure that I stop by Notting Hill in London too. Uh huh, that movie starring Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts. The Portobello Road Market sells books, furniture, clothes, food, etc. Well, I wouldn’t buy the furniture but I’ll check out the other smaller stuff that I can bring back home easily. London would be really exciting.

The Portobello Road Market

Now, what about going to Manchester too? The name should sound familiar to you if you have some knowledge in football. Yup. Manchester United. You guessed it right. But if you’re not the football type, you can always pay a visit to the Manchester Art Gallery at Mosley Street. The Imperial War Museum North would be another interesting place to go in Manchester. Admission is free!

Manchester United logo

Let’s go to Birmingham now. Hey, I didn’t know that it is considered the ‘second city of the United Kingdom’. The first city is London, of course! Oh, and check out St. Philip’s Cathedral too. Incredible, isn’t it?

St. Philip's Cathedral

Wow, the UK! Hold on there, I’m definitely flying off to this amazing place sometime in the future. See ya!

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