Thursday, August 30, 2007

The Ultimate Teen Book Guide - Very Ultimate!

Yesterday, while browsing through the bookshelves of Borders bookstore, I came upon a very interesting book, which caught my eye. Well, I simply plucked it out like I always did with most books. Wow, when I opened it, I was mesmerized. I love the book!

It's called The Ultimate Teen Book Guide, edited by Daniel Hahn, Leonie Flynn, and Susan Reuben. It has 448 pages filled with cool book reviews. Then, there are different categories of books, too, so the reader can find his/her way around the book easily. It's priced at a hefty RM85.95. I might buy it later when I have extra cash or when I strike the lottery.

This book is a guide for those blur teens who don't know what to read next or don't know which book to read. How would you know if it's an interesting book or not? What's the story about? Well, the book has reviews of over 700 cool books. And some of the reviewers include Meg Cabot, Jean Ure, Melvin Burgess, Anthony Horowitz and many more! Now, you know what your favourite authors love to read!

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