Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Simply Irresponsible

In the university library, there are computers available for students to use to search for books. There aren't many but there are enough, I think. They should only be used for searching books in the library anyway, so going online to send and check e-mail with them is totally out of the question. There's the Internet room anyway but it's usually full, too.

However, what do students care? Somehow, they managed to log on to and other websites with the library search computer. No wonder I see some students sit so comfortably in front of it. When I want to search for books and I want to use a computer, I get frustrated when the computers that are available are not working! I move the mouse and click, click on the screen but nothing happens. The page is totally stagnant. Somebody must have caused the computer to hang. Then, when I check on what the other computer users are doing, they don't look like they're searching for books. Some are chatting with their friends or doing something else, don't know what.

There was even a girl who sat with her legs crossed or folded or whatever on the chair! She's getting really comfortable lah. Is it going to take her that long to search for a book or two? What about other students who want to use the computer, too?

You know, they should limit one person to a computer for only 10 minutes. Yes, TEN! SEPULUH! It's enough for a student to search for a book or two right? If they can't find the book, they can always come back to the computer and search again. A student can only borrow 4 books at a time anyway. I don't think they need more than ten minutes to search.

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