Saturday, August 18, 2007

Back to earn money!

Yes, I'm back doing paid posts for PayPerPost and Blogsvertise. I haven't been very active in Blogsvertise and I'm lucky they didn't suspend my account! They sent out emails to all members warning them to either accept or decline blog offers. If we didn't take the trouble to visit the website to accept or decline the offers, then we might have our accounts suspended!

Well, it's a Saturday night and there's Smallville on StarWorld but I'd rather be blogging now! No more money already lah.... University isn't cheap. And I want to practise writing, too. Haven't written much for months already. So, now it's a good time.

I have a stack of new books waiting to be read, too. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (oh yeah, not Deathly Hallows, see how outdated I am?), I Capture The Castle, A Walk To Remember, Devil Wears Prada, New Moon, and many more! I borrowed a book from the library, I forgot the title. I'll check it out now. Ok, the title is 'Derik's Bane'. It's supposed to be a funny book, so I'm prepared to laugh like crazy.

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