Saturday, July 7, 2007

Too Busy To Blog!

Hello...hello...this is the first time in almost a week that I have the opportunity to blog. My first week of orientation was super busy and I couldn't even find out where to buy newspapers. So, I did not read newspapers or any book for a week! Therefore, no book reviews for a while!

Anyway, I met lots of great people in university. Unfortunately, most of them speak a lot of Mandarin but they spoke in English with me. My new friends come from different places so it's pretty interesting. I'm still getting to know my coursemates. In fact, I'm getting to know about everything there! My friends and I kept losing our way during the first few days but now, we are more familiar with the roads.

I'm interested in learning a new language in university. I was initially hoping to learn French but couldn't sign up for it because the classes clashed with my English class. And the lecturer teaching French might be a little annoyed at me as I was not really prepared when I went to register. She was very cool with me when I went to her for the 3rd time to drop the Spanish course I registered when I went to see her for the 2nd time. Nah, I'm not so interested in learning French now. Not from her anyway!

So many things to do and learn in university. A friend and I felt that 3 years would not be enough if we wanted to do everything offered there. However, I'll try to do as much as possible while there's still time!

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