Saturday, July 14, 2007

Homework and Speeches!

Had my first classes for each course that I took up this week. And yeah, lots of homework/assignments, too. I think I can still call them homework, right? Assignments may sound more sophisticated but it's still homework to me.

I've visited both the libraries in my university's campus already and borrowed two books from each! We students or undergraduates(???) are allowed to borrow only 4 books for 14 days. Well, I borrowed two books for my course and two Sophie Kinsella Shopaholic books! Now I don't need to buy them anymore! Saved me about RM60++.

And to go online, I have to sit a couple of buses to get to the library. Plus there's no WiFi in my hostel! There's some garden outside with Wifi available though. Those with laptops can enjoy surfing the Net in the bright sunshine outside. Haha! If it's raining, then they can feast their eyes on sparkly droplets of rain while going online at the same time. Whatever least they don't have to sweat or rush for the buses just to go online. =(

Oh, about 2 nights ago, we had the chance to hear a speech from ex-Secretary-General of the United Nations, Kofi Annan, who was in Kuala Lumpur. It's got something to do with our country's 50th Merdeka. 6 universities participated in this momentous event and a student from each uni can ask His Excellency, Kofi Annan, a question. They were supposed to ask questions but they were blabbing for a long time before finally asking the question. When they were done talking, I still don't know what their questions were.

Poor Kofi Annan! I guess he had to listen hard and concentrate on what the students were saying. I even suspected that the questions are not even their own questions in the first place! Maybe somebody else wrote the question and they picked a student with a good voice to ask it. So far, the best question-asker is from Universiti Malaya. She's the only one who asked a question without referring to a piece of paper.

And during his speech, most of the students in the Dewan did not pay attention or even bothered to listen! And the VIPs in KL could see us! It was so obvious that majority of the people present were busy talking and laughing with their friends. One of my friends was very excited to be able to see Kofi Annan live on the screen. Some people don't even know who Kofi Annan is!

It was quite a memorable night. I wondered if we appeared on TV since it seems like such an important event. Our Prime Minister and other political leaders were there.

Incidentally, no updates on books or book reviews for the moment. But I'm reading Shopaholic and Sister by Sophie Kinsella now. The books I'm supposed to read for my courses are somewhat thick and full of words! If I were to read all the suggested books for reference, I would not have time to eat, sleep, or do anything else.

Anyway, will try to post a book review soon. University is taking up most of my time.


  1. hello!
    Lol, those people asking the questions are most probably like what you said, it reminds me so much of high school times!

    I'm about to start university soon, on thursday actually and currently making my list of stuff to bring. After looking over my list a couple of times, I just felt really nervous, "maybe I'm missing something or.. etc", so I googled for 'preparing for uni', and I found this blog.

    Thank you so much for the information.

    Btw, I'm starting at USM soon, but I'm doing biology. Currently feeling pretty disorientated, and nervous but excited as well. lol, and the first thing I'm going to do, when time permits, is to visit the library. I love reading as well!

    Sorry for a stranger's intrusion! Your blog is really enjoyable to read.

  2. Hi wardqe!

    Hey, I typed in the exact phrase in the Google search engine, too! Yeah, I was terribly nervous about leaving for uni and yeah, I did worry about what I might have forgotten. But, I've been so super-busy and I don't miss the things I've missed!

    Well, all the best in preparing for uni! Have fun!

  3. glad u r enjoying yr university life


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