Friday, July 20, 2007

The poor international students!

Whoa! I'm quite sick of travelling around almost everyday in uni. And my class hours are scattered throughout the day. Now, I miss my old school days where learning in classrooms only takes place from around 8 am to 1 or 2 pm, and then it's home sweet home after that. I still have lots of time for homework and studying when I come home from school.

Plus when we're in school, we don't have to travel around to get to classes unlike in university. I feel it's quite a waste of time travelling to classes. Waiting for the bus, then rushing to get on it first...and my hostel is at the other end of the world!

Yeah, yeah...I know I should not complain. I should be grateful that I'm even there in the first place. Like what some people would say, I should adapt myself to the new environment. Well, new to me anyway.

So far, classes were okay. Lecturers could speak in understandable English and sometimes, they'll teach in Bahasa Malaysia. One of my friends was not so fortunate to get a lecturer who taught in English. He taught in BM and there are INTERNATIONAL students in class who don't understand the language.

What she told me was very funny. The lecturer would teach mostly in Malay and sometimes throwing in some English words, too. Luckily, the notes on the screen are in English although the grammar is wrong!

Let's say he's talking about the environment. He asked, "Adakah kamu gunakan air untuk bathing?"

Then, "Adakah kamu gunakan air untuk cooking?"

That's his way of teaching in English, too???

If you were an international student in his class without any knowledge of Bahasa Malaysia, all you would understand is..."Blah blah blah bathing?" and "Blah blah blah cooking?"

When class was over, he would then say, "International students, untuk mengetahui masa tutorial, sila jumpa saya di bilik one-oh-one (101)."

The poor international students would then only understand 'International students', 'tutorial', and '101'!!! They would certainly get the wrong message! They would think that international students would have their tutorial classes at either room 101 or at 1.01 p.m.. Well, see how they received the message!

What in the world is the lecturer thinking??? He could at least have said this in plain English, couldn't he? You know, the stories get funnier each day.

This is what they have to go through in almost all their classes. I thought the universities were supposed to teach almost everything in English? What happened? And the course that the international students were in was not even a Bahasa Malaysia course.


  1. hey (:
    im at USM too!
    2007 2nd batch intake though!
    what are you studying?

    comment me back at my blog ya?


  2. Hi, and nice to meet another fellow uni friend! Oh, I didn't realize there was a second batch too. Was way too caught up finding my way around...

    Sure I'll drop by your blog. Thanks for coming by here, too. =)


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