Monday, July 9, 2007

Blogging from the Library!

Hey there people, I'm currently blogging from the university's library! Supposed to have class this morning but it was cancelled as the lecturer was stuck in some traffic jam or something. Sigh....I woke up around 7 am so I would not be late for class but in the end, the lecturer herself was late. I then decided to visit the library!

It's huge! There are two libraries here and I don't really know where the other one is. Gotta find out later. Even in this library, things seem quite complicated. Lots of things to find out about. Lots of places I should know of.

I'm only allowed to go online for 30 minutes. Sad, right? Haha! Well, they probably didn't want to make us Internet addicts, which is kind of good or we would be stuck in front of the computer all day and all night long, abandoning our assignments and other homework.

By the way, I bought 'The Prisoner of Zenda' yesterday at Popular, Gurney Plaza. I've read Prisoner of Zenda when I was in Form 3 for English. That was the abridged version. I hope I'll have the time to read books now.

Okay then, I'm going to explore the library. People were staring as I was walking here and there, pretending to be interested in everything when actually I was finding my way around! Haha! Never mind, the other first-years are as blur and lost as I am. A few seniors were very helpful, too.

I guess my half hour is up. Had better be off now!


  1. wah.. usm library limit student to use the internet eh meh?? luckily my uni library is not like that. students are free to use whole day. :D

  2. How's everything..!!! You're in a new uni di! Woah.. Hahah.. I remember when I went to UKM for a while. Couldn't online for a whole week! The library only gave me like 30 mins! Cannot blog at all! >.<

    Are you gonna get your own laptop?

  3. erlynda: If we own our own laptop, then we can online the whole day lah. But we are limited to 30 minutes if we want to use the computers there. Can extend the time also one lah..must write down our number and the time.

    princess shin: Well, so far everything's quite fine here! Lots of walking and pushing to get on the bus first.

    Why did you go to UKM? Were you a matriculation student? I did miss going online for a while but was too busy to pine for the Internet!


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