Sunday, July 29, 2007

Members' Merdeka Sale at MPH

I received a postcard from MPH who's promoting their Members' Merdeka Sale. The sale starts from 1 Aug 2007 till 5 Aug 2007. (1-5 Aug '07)

Discounts up to 20%.

Exclusively for MPH Readers' Circle & MPH Kidz Club members.

15%* discount on all books and 10%* discount on CDs, cassettes, stationery, cards, and gifts.
20%* discount on all M014 and M028 titles.

*except items already on offer or promotion, value buys, agent controlled items, newspapers and magazines.

Sale open to MRC, MKC and MIM members only!

Words in italic are printed on the MPH postcard.


  1. I did go to MPH couldn't find the book Selfish Gene by richard dawkins. I got the book from Borders instead.
    Thanks for visiting my blog. I do update very regularly, hope to see your profile there again.

  2. Well, not all books are available in all major bookstores. Borders is huge! I love Borders!

    Thanks for coming to my blog, too. =)


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