Thursday, September 18, 2008

What If You Had To Hand In Your Term Paper Tomorrow?

...and it's not even done yet??? What do you do? Panic? Go into hibernation and pray that your research paper will write it by itself? Unless you have magic powers and a wand to swish and flick to create a term paper, you still need to write it out yourself. If you don't, then what excuse will you give to your lecturer?

And no, it's not good to copy and paste information that you find on the Internet. That's called plagiarism and as university students, that is one thing you would need to avoid!

Anyway, yesterday, I searched the Internet for tips on writing a last-minute term paper or research paper and got a bunch of useful links. Let me list them out now.

Yay! This morning, I felt so happy because I finished my Apocalypse Now assignment, had it printed and handed in. So now I have only one other assignment left, which is a Theories and Communication Research paper. I only need to hand that paper in after the Hari Raya Puasa holidays. But still, it's better if I get started on it now. Been procrastinating a lot lately and believe me, it's not good.

The links above should only be used when in dire need. Like I said, it's better to get started on your research paper way earlier before the deadline.

But if you need some tips on how to write a great research paper, check out How To Write A Great Term Paper. Actually there are tons of such websites handing out tips on writing papers and you can just search for them via Google or Yahoo. You can also find books on writing term papers right in your library.

You've got to be responsible and also learn to study the smart way. Don't put off your term papers till the last minute. Yeah yeah, that's what I'm telling you...but do I practise what I preach? That's a tough one to answer! :D However, learn to utilize your library and learn how to search for things on the Internet. Don't say 'I don't know'. There's nothing more irritating than somebody saying 'I don't know' when asked to do something simple!

Good luck writing your papers!


  1. Ohh...that was a last minute term paper??? So clever! Anyway, hope you handed in a good one.

  2. my sister: Hehe...well, who asked the lecturer to give us the assignment questions only 3 weeks before the due date???


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