Sunday, September 7, 2008

The FrontPage Show

I just finished watching the first episode of Frontpage on NTV7 and it's not a bad show. It's pretty good actually. It had me hooked right from the minute it started at 9.45pm. So for those who missed it tonight, you can catch it next Sunday and every Sunday after that at 9.45pm on NTV7.

This show had been publicized a lot lately especially in The Star. I think it's also the first English series/drama about the journalism world in Malaysia particularly.

I also noticed that there were very few journalists in the office. Or maybe I was wrong. I'm not sure. Next week I'll watch again and count the number of journalists! The name of their newspaper is called 'The Voice', by the way.

The actors were laudable especially Tony Eusoff's. He's Jack Lee in the show and is supposedly the best reporter around. Jehan Miskin is Dylan and his lines are witty ones. Bernie Chan is the boss and there's a love triangle happening between the three of them.

Overall, like I said just now, it's not a bad show. Malaysian dramas are definitely getting better!


  1. thank you for your nice comments on the show. please visit if you have missed any episodes, because local shows are available for viewing after it has gone on air :)
    or visit for more cool stuff on the show :)

  2. Sounds like a cool series!:D
    I am looking forward to it;)

  3. Interesting...I have always been wary of our local English dramas.

    Wonder if I can watch it online at the NTV7 site? I'll check it out.

  4. ntv7: Hi there, thanks for dropping by my blog! Thanks for the information about the sites.

    christy: Yeah, it is quite an exciting show. Hope you enjoy it.

    kittycat: Haha! True, I sometimes find local dramas quite pretentious. But this one really knocked me off my feet (or seat). Yeah, you can check out their website for episodes which you've missed out on. See ntv7's comment above.


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