Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Give These Animals A Home

10 minutes ago, I found out about a blog called Adopt A Rescued Animal Today. It's about animals like dogs and cats who are looking for nice owners and homes. These animals were rescued.

If you're looking for pets, look no further. Visit that site today! Do give these poor animals a chance. You can help spread the word by blogging about the blog and linking back to it. Do it for them, the animals. I hope they find themselves in nice and loving homes with responsible owners.


  1. You seem to be an animal lover. I have a friend who loves animals a lot. When she find cats or dogs helpless on the streets, she always brought these animals home and fed them.

  2. It breaks my heart to see all this abandoned animals. I have 2 dalmatians of my own. I wish I could take on more. I visited the site but I couldn't tell where the animals are located.

  3. foongpc: I do like animals and it's heart-breaking to see them suffering. They are also God's creation and deserve to be treated like every other living thing. Nice to know that there are kind people like your friend! It's hard to find such people nowadays.

    preston: Cool, dalmations! The animals are located in Malaysia actually. Thanks for visiting the site though(even though it's not mine!). :)


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