Saturday, September 27, 2008

eBay Account Suspended Again

I’m being suspended from eBay. Again.

Last night I received very good news from them. My account had been reinstated! My eBay account was unfortunately suspended in November last year, if I’m not mistaken. Since then, I couldn’t buy or sell anything on eBay! And I had so much fun shopping there too. =(

In order to reinstate your eBay account, you’d need to send eBay a copy of your driver’s license, a completed Request for Reinstatement form and one of the following:

  • Copy of a recent credit card statement
  • Copy of recent bank statement
  • Copy of recent utility bill

So about two weeks ago, I sent them a copy of my driver’s license, the completed form and a copy of a recent utility bill. After reviewing my documents, they decided to reinstate my account.

It is advised that you do not open up a new eBay account after one has been suspended. It’s obvious, isn’t it? eBay is not that dumb, you know. They’ll somehow connect the new account with the suspended one and when they put two and two together, you’re doomed. You could be put on their blacklist, too.

Oh dear, I hope I won’t be blacklisted for getting suspended a second time. I thought I’d change my e-mail address since the one I’m using for my eBay keeps getting spam but then thought better of it. Instead, I listed out two items for sale and this morning, I logged into my e-mail to find that I’ve been suspended.

Next, I did a search on Google on second time eBay suspensions. I found a blog which said that an account can be suspended again if it uses the same e-mail address, home address, IP address, Paypal account and so on. Guess I should have changed the e-mail address after all.

But I was being careful! I didn’t want to change anything in case they got suspicious of my eBay activities. Not that there’s anything to be suspicious about! I just want to have a blast of a time there!


  1. MANY, around the WORLD have chosen NOT to trade on ebay due to ebay's 2008 "restructuring" policies. Those policies only serve to put more money in the hands of the aready OVER-PAID execs at ebay/Paypal, BUT dwindle the hopes that sellers had about making a profit and having the "level" playing field" ebay has bragged about to the media.

    Meanwhile, ebay is busy booting FABULUOS sellers for NUMEROUS BOGUS reasons including suspending them because their DSRs dared to get lower than a 4.3 out of a 5 star rating system (DSRs). ebay lies to the buyers by telling them a 4.0 = "Good" and 5.0 = "excellent" for their sellers.

    The "blast of a time" days are OVER on ebay! Just take a look at what ebay is doing to their users by reading THROUGHOUT, "Seller Central", "Feedback" & "Payal" discussions on ebay's own boards. Please note that ebay deletes MANY threads and posts, so what you read there is ONLY a tiny fraction of what is TRULY happening on the site!

    Here is just a small sample of the multitude of INSANE new policies at ebay:

    21 PLUS days withholding of many users funds.

    Suspensions of those who are rated between "Good" and "Excellent".

    NO paper payments accepted.

    FORCED Paypal for the majority of users, which is owned by ebay.


    Full priced listings paid by sellers being BURIED in searches, as ebay pushes viewers/buyers toward pricier, non-unique, mass manufactured, bulk items.

    ebay's collecting fees from it's users for some listings, which ebay's OWN policies, now, state will NEVER show up in any searches.

    ebay is GIVING free or nearly free listings to all of's 800,000+ items, to directly compete with full-price paying ebay sellers.

    UNREASONABLE caps on shipping, causing sellers to place much of their ACTUAL shipping cost in their starting prices, which ebay gains MORE fees from.

    Sellers can now become suspended for leaving honest COMMENTS on dishonest sellers feedback

    Sellers can ONLY leave sellers positive feedback RATINGS, though buyers are still free to rate their sellers with negatives, neutrals and positives (ALONG WITH buyers ability to rate sellers with DSRs).

    ebay has severely damaged much of the buyers tools for reasearching their prospective sellers' histories by ONLY using the last 12 months to calculate feedback percentages.

    ebay is now hiding ALL bidders IDs, allowing for much greater opportunities for shill bidding and a better playground for the dishonest buyers to scam more sellers.

    The World wide ebay Boycott is ALIVE & WELL with members from 10 countries joining together to let our N.O.I.S.E. be heard!

  2. Sellers with a higher feedback will gain the trust of users, which will result in more and higher bids. If you're just starting out, one quick way to gain some feedback is to buy some cheap e-books. You don't have to read them or even want them, but as long as you pay for them on time, the seller you bought from will leave you some valuable positive feedback. Search on eBay and you'll find some for less than a dollar with no shipping cost since most are sent via email.List your tickets on ebay with ListEasy to save time.

  3. There is a website at with detailed information on this subject too.

  4. dervish: Looks like it's a hassle to be doing business on eBay! Thanks for highlighting eBay's weaknesses.

    artstudio sri lanka: My eBay ratings are all positive! But thanks anyway.

    anonymous: Yeah, I went to that website too. Useful tips they have there!


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