Sunday, September 21, 2008

Time To Think About Earth's Temperature

Did you know that the temperature on Earth and the concentration of carbon dioxide will increase drastically in the next 50 years? It’s all due to global warming and our irresponsible actions. Even now the temperature’s so darn high, so just imagine when it goes even higher later.

During an English lesson, my teacher showed us a video on global warming. Some guy was presenting a speech about the temperature and level of carbon dioxide on Earth. That was an interesting video and I’m glad she showed it to us. At least the 20-something students in my class have an inkling of what’s really happening to our climate now.

So what can we do to really save the Earth? Lots of campaigns have been run, protests have been held, and education provided in schools but it all doesn’t seem to be enough. I guess we have to start with ourselves first right? We have to change our attitude towards the environment and not turn a blind eye to the situation.

What we can do is to use less air-conditioners, less polystyrene, less fossil fuel burning, etc. I’ll write more on how to save the Earth later.

Help save the Earth! Think of your children. Do you want them to live in an over-polluted world in the future? No, I don’t think so.


  1. Glad that there are still people like you who really cares about our nature. Is the video featured Al Gore?

    Yupe. IMHO we will face a real threat if we don't cease to harm mother earth. Anyway nice to meet you. =)

  2. Have you heard of Gabbage Enzyme? It helps reduce heat on earth. I am also making myself. May be you could go to my link to find out more.

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  4. tekkaus: Hi there, I'm glad that there are people who are glad that there are people who care about the environment. Usually, if some joker starts talking about saving the environment, people will just tell him to shut up! LOL!

    I don't know who's the speaker in the video. No, I don't think he's Al Gore.

    Nice to meet you too, tekkaus!

    molly: No, I've not heard of it before. Wow, it reduces heat? That's nice! Sure, I'll check it out. Thanks for the information.

    run with the wave: Will check out the party too. Anyone else ready to partay???


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