Saturday, March 15, 2008

I Learnt About Copywriting!

I attended a copywriting workshop today. It was pretty interesting. The speaker is a copywriter from Australia. His talk was quite short and I wished it had been more. He used Microsoft Power Point to help with his presentation. Plus, he showed us numerous interesting TV advertisements from Thailand, Australia, England, and also Malaysia. There were some which he just wouldn't show us, as he said that we were a mixed audience and he thought that it's better not to show them.

Wow! Thailand advertisements are really creative and funny! All of us laughed a lot when they were shown. The most memorable advertisement was the one promoting some kind of B-cream, I think. It's a 4-series advertisement about this girl who changes her image so that she can attract her 'soulmate'. She doesn't realize that her real soulmate is her best friend! That was a really funny ad!

Then, the Vodafone advertisements were darn funny, too. The 'Talk for 60 minutes, pay for 3' advertisement. If only I can find those ads on the Internet! I'll go search around.

Ah! Here's one:

Vodafone Stop The Clock I'm Not Your Dad

Wah...if you want to download the ads, you need to pay! Anyway, viewing it is quite slow as the downloading or speed is slow and the video doesn't play smoothly.

The Vodafone's ads are simply hilarious! The 3-minute conversations, those you have to watch. And if possible, watch the Thai ad about the facial cream thing.

During the workshop, we had to get into groups and then come up with our own copywriting ideas on a product. My group had 12 people but only some people were actually participating and giving ideas. The rest were just quiet, sadly. We did ask them to contribute their ideas but some said, No idea lah.... That's not an excuse!

Well, at least I got to watch really good ads during this workshop. It was worth it.

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