Thursday, March 13, 2008

BookMooch? Wow!

Why didn't I join BookMooch before??? Yeah, I've heard about it but I don't know why I didn't just joined! I checked and there are 25 other Malaysians who are members there. Not bad, huh? But, I think that more Malaysians should join BookMooch.

What's BookMooch? Of course, it has something to do with books. It's where you can get free books and give your old books away! Before you are eligible to get/mooch a book, you need to list 10 books in your inventory first, then only you can get any book you want.

So, instead of throwing your old books away or you find it hard to sell off your books, just list them in BookMooch. Perhaps somebody from another country is searching endlessly for that particular book and you could make his/her day. If you don't want to send your book to another country, it's okay. You can choose to send your books to Malaysians only. But, to make it more fun, don't be so kiam siap/kedekut/stingy. If somebody from Australia wants your book, send it! Later, it'll be their turn to send their books to you, so there's no loss.

Well, are you ready to do some book-mooching? Wait no more!


  1. Interesting...I have to check it out!

  2. You should! I already have 2 requests for my books. See you on BookMooch!


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