Thursday, March 13, 2008

Currently Reading...

50 Ways To Hex Your Lover by Linda Wisdom! I've just started Chapter 3. What's the story about? Well, it's about a witch who was banished to Earth. She's also in love with a vampire and vice versa but they have problems in their relationship.

I have to get started on reading for exams too. Exams are only a few weeks away and I wonder if I have time to read EVERYTHING, which seems incredibly impossible actually. Hah, never mind. I'll only read what I like to read. In short, I'll only read what I can.

Spanish class tomorrow. For a while, I've been struggling with my Spanish as it's become more difficult. But now I understand the way it works and when to use certain verbs and all. Tomorrow I hope my teacher will let me go off early as I have a copywriting workshop to attend!

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  1. There is something with the vampire love stories that really attracts readers and viewers. I guess it's the unconditional LOVE..just like the twilight :-)


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