Thursday, April 5, 2007

PayPerPost Rocks!

You must have noticed the many sponsored posts in my blog nowadays. Well, I submitted my blog recently and it was approved! It was extremely good news to me. I’ve read other blogs and their success with PayPerPost inspired me.

I don’t really like to ‘corrupt’ my blog with sponsored posts but I have no other way. In fact, I feel this is the best and only way for me to make some money at the moment. I get around $5.00 for a post and to me, it is already quite a lot! This is why I’m beginning to like PayPerPost! They surely rock.

What with all the books to read and a blog to maintain, I’m pretty busy now. I like being busy, too. Keeps my mind off things. Keeps my mind from worries! Sometimes, I also worry that I won’t be paid or my blog won’t be accepted, etc. I tend to worry a lot, unfortunately.

When I was visiting other blogs today, I came across a Thursday Thirteen meme. It sounds interesting and I would love to join it. Maybe next week. I can’t stay too long at the computer tonight. My neck is a little bit sore and I really want to continue my Rebel Angels book.

So, okay then. Good night to all of you! Sweet dreams!


  1. i am afraid... PPP made a lot of blogs lose its identity.

  2. Yes, I know. It is most unfortunate. But like I said, it's the only way for me. For now.

    I don't much like the idea of having paid posts somehow.

  3. dont like it but doing it.... sigh... the reality of life... just like my job here.

  4. What's wrong with your job? Life is hard. Too few choices.

  5. dont like my job... doing it just to make a living...

  6. Well, I guess you just have to bear your job for a while. Perhaps later you might find something else that's better?


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