Saturday, April 14, 2007

I'm A Teacher! No, I'm Definitely Not Kidding.

Guess what? I’m a teacher now. An English tuition teacher to be more specific. No, I’m not English but I teach English with my mom. It was the kids’ grandmother who asked her to teach them to speak good English because she said that they would not speak even though they knew a little bit of the language.

So, our little class made up of 2 teachers and 3 kids aged 7, 5, and 4 years of age. I did not intend to join the class but decided to sit with them throughout the lesson. The 4-year-old girl was extremely quiet and uncooperative at first. She was silent and just stared. But, after almost an hour, she loosened up and started repeating words after my mom.

Hmm, looks like my mom and I have a week before each class to think of ways to teach them English. I thought it’d be easy but it was quite the opposite. Kids get restless fast. But, we did give them a break where they drew pictures or played with some toys.

By the way, there was a jumble sale at the St. Anne’s hall. I don’t know what time it started. Actually, I only knew about it in the evening so my mom and I went to check it out. It was okay but I found it practically boring.

My neighbour told my mom that there were books being sold, too. We searched everywhere and finally spotted the stall with a few stacks of books. Most of them were brand new but what boring books they were! I did not bother to remember the titles. Well, they were cheap. A novel only costs RM20. Revision books and religious books were sold as well.

The jumble sale is like the Canteen Day we had in school. Instead of paying money, you bought stuff with coupons, which you’ve bought earlier. There were tons of food stalls and a few stalls selling clothes, new and old. One stall even had a ‘Guess The Weight of the Cake’ game. A chocolate cake was on display and to win it, you had to guess its weight correctly. It reminded me of Mr. Bean when he was trying to guess the weight of a turkey! However, I’m sure if we tried to bring a weighing scale, we’d definitely be caught.

All the stalls were outside the St. Anne’s Hall whereas all sorts of entertainment were going on inside the hall. Mostly dances, I noticed, but I just spent about 30 seconds before I was out of the hall again.

That’s my Saturday. Was quite in a bad mood after my afternoon nap but I’m feeling much better now. =) I’m also only halfway through my Firestarter book. Hopefully I’ll finish it by Tuesday? Perhaps.


  1. tell me.. how fast can u finish a book?

  2. Well, it depends on how thick the book is and how much time I have in a day to put aside for reading. If the book is really interesting and there aren't many pages, then I could finish it by night-time!

    I cannot read fast. I prefer to read word by word, so it takes time.


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