Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Male Authors or Female Authors?

Do you prefer to read books written by guys or by the ladies? Or you don’t care much about the gender of the authors?

I am not sure if it’s coincidence or not but most of the books that I read were written by women authors. For example, Enid Blyton, Francine Pascal, Meg Cabot, J.K. Rowling, and now, Libba Bray and Sophie Kinsella. However, some of my all-time favourite books are by men authors like Mark Haddon, James Aldridge, and even Stephen King. Now, Stephen King is a talented writer of thriller books and I’ve only read about 3 books from him.

Do guys check out the author’s gender before reading or buying books? Do guys think that female authors are not as good as male ones?

Take J.K. Rowling’s case as an example. Her publisher (I think!) printed her name as ‘J.K. Rowling’ on the Harry Potter books so that boys will buy them too. Her publishers were probably afraid that her books would not appeal to the boys if ‘Joanne K. Rowling’ were printed.

Yes, I know that most books by female authors may be considered too girlish for the guys. And I think that some girls would think that books by male authors may be too gory, bloody or obscene. But, that’s what book reviews are for, right? To let the readers know what the book’s about and to help them make their choices before buying a book.

I feel this is an interesting issue and I hope readers will give me their feedback on it. The more, the better!

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