Friday, February 9, 2007

When you are in myLot, there's nowhere else you would rather be

Have you heard of myLot? myLot is a forum and the best part of it is – it pays you to comment!

There are so MANY topics to talk about there and honestly, you could get lost in there for hours! I got lost in there myself yesterday actually. Haha! Well, you need to comment and post a lot in myLot, as the paying rate is quite low. When I posted my first comment, I was only paid $0.02. But, if you are hardworking and determined (or just really desperate), you may reach $10.00 in a week or a little more than a week. Remember to take a break though from your computer. It’s not good to stare at the screen for too long!

You need a Paypal or e-Gold account so that myLot can pay you your earnings. I don’t really know how e-Gold works. I think they will pay you in gold and then do you sell the gold for money? I need to read up on it!

Well, enjoy myLot! =D

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