Thursday, February 8, 2007

Top 10 reasons to hang out at the library

I received this in the e-mail today and I think it is worth sharing. Oh, I wish there was a good library near my home! There is one but the books are soooo outdated! It's also quiet and lonely with very few visitors. Anyway, here is the article about the good things of being in a library:

A library is the grand place where books live. For those that love reading and collecting literature, a library can be a magical place of the imagination. It's a great place to find volumes on almost every imaginable topic. Library patrons may have a variety of reasons for visiting the library.

Why do you visit the library?

1) You can check out books for free.
Granted, you may pay a minimal fee for a library card. But, when you become a member of your local library, you have access to an untold number of books and other literary resources--all free of charge.

2) You'll find great places to read.
A great many libraries are filled with comfortable spots to read, whether you enjoy a comfortable chair, a table and chair, or a window seat.

3) You'll be illuminated.
Libraries tend to offer lots of light, so you won't ruin your eyesight by squinting at that tiny print. But, libraries also offer great reference materials. If you have questions about what you're reading, you can look it up in any of the number of dictionaries, encyclopedias, or other reference materials. The resources are illuminating!

4) You have access to book experts.
Librarians are professionally trained to help you find what you're looking for at the library. A librarian can point you in the right direction, answer questions, or help you find a book you'll enjoy to read.

5) Libraries offer access to rare and out-of-print material.
Some of the rare and out-of-print volumes may be on reserve, so you may have to put in a special request to see the book you require. But, one of the most amazing things about a library system is the access that readers have to manuscripts and books that you can't buy. Some readers travel around the world to visit rare books and manuscripts at the holding library.

6) You can participate in library events.
Whatever your purpose for visiting the library, you may enjoy participating in any of the many library events or activities. Your library may host guest lecturers, poets, novelists, or other literary experts. Also celebrate National Book Month, National Poetry Month, and other monthly events--by browsing the library's display and taking advantage of the wealth of information and knowledge.

7) The library is a great stress-reducer.
Just walking down the rows of books has a way of relaxing even the most stressed-out individual. And, then, start thumbing through a few volumes; and you're bound to be lost in the world of books. Perhaps it's the quiet atmosphere, the stillness, the presence of books, or just browsing through those lines of text. Visiting the library can just make a difference in your whole outlook.

8) You can make a difference.
Many libraries are in a constant struggle to stay open, as they try to maintain a level of service. You can make a difference in several ways: Volunteer your time, donate books, encourage others to visit the library, or participate in fundraising events. Check in with your local library to see what you can do to make a difference.

9) You can meet people who--like you--are book lovers.
A library is a great place to meet other people who share your passion for books and literature. You'll probably be encouraged not to talk to other readers while you're in the library. But, since so many other readers will be visiting the library, you can post an announcement for a book club or literary discussion. Other readers may post literary activities and events that might interest you as well.

10) Read, read, read. You have access to books!
You can read about love and life and freedom and hope and faith and happiness and tragedy. You'll read about all the passions and devastation in life. You'll read about death, about humanity and compassion. Books open up a world of possibility to you. With a library, you can educate your mind and fill the depths of your soul. You can become the kind of person you want to be--by opening your mind, and introducing your sensibilities to ideas that you'd never before considered. So, read.

Source: Top 10 Reasons to Visit the Library


  1. How about cracking your head on a top 5 list? You've just been tagged on my blog!

  2. hahaha... weird nyerr.. calling ur sis kittycat. XD hey, let's switch house to live. coz my hs is near the public library. hehe~~~

  3. Haha! What to do? We are in the blogging world now!

    Oh, ala The Holiday ah? Haha! Can also. Near my house got market, church, and you can take my place as babysitter! =D


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