Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Roots by Alex Haley

Roots, which is written by Alex Haley is undoubtedly the best, heart-warming book I have ever read. It is the story of Kunta Kinte, who is from Africa. He is an extremely brave, loyal young man from a small village, Juffure, in The Gambia.

He has turned 17 and was very excited because he has become a man. But unfortunately, things did not turn out the way he would like it to be. One day, while he was out chopping wood to make a drum, he was abducted and sent on a slave ship to the New World to become a slave.

In America, a John Waller, who treated him like dirt, bought him. Kunta tried to escape 4 times but he was caught and finally, the slave-catchers cut off his right foot. He was then sold to John Waller's brother, a doctor who treated his slaves better.

Kunta got married and had a daughter, Kizzy. She was taken from her parents to become a slave to another master. He used her for his own pleasure and she had a mulatto baby, George. George grew up to be fighting cock trainer. He got married and had kids, too. So, the story goes on until Alex Haley was born.

When he was a young boy, he would hear stories of Kunta Kinte, who claimed he was from Africa and was also very proud of his homeland. Then, Alex Haley set out to find out the true story of Kunta and his history. It took him 12 years to complete the book.

Really, read it for yourself and you will learn a lot. It made me appreciate that I have my family with me now and I have no one torturing me till I bleed, half-dead, and practically losing hope of ever getting the chance to be free again. This book deserves 5 out of 5 stars!

I read this book in 2004. It took me 3 whole weeks to finish this book!


  1. hello there! i have been checking out on your blog occasionally....

    i like reading as well and i enjoyed reading your book reviews!

    anyway, keep up the good work and happy cny/holidays!

  2. From the synopsis alone, I think that's a good book. I probably would add that to my wishlist in Amazon :)

  3. I read the book years years ago..and the subsequent sequels as long as it was written by Alex Haley, I would search for it. A great read..Roots

  4. jingz: Hi there, thank you very much! Keep coming and Happy Chinese New Year to you too.

    dodong: Oh, it's definitely a good book. It's an eye-opener. Must read it soon.

    bengbeng: I'm not quite sure if Alex Haley wrote any more books. If there are, I'll try to get them, read them, and write reviews. Thanks for visiting!


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