Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Buying books on eBay

I know books are ridiculously expensive here in Malaysian bookshops. But, recently, I browsed in eBay Malaysia and some of the books are not that bad. Some of them are among the latest books and the prices are less than half price, which I think is a very good bargain.

There are all sorts of books sold there. You can find books in different categories: Fiction, Nonfiction, Children, Magazines, education and text books, and also e-books. I think some sellers don't bother to list their items in the correct categories. I saw magazines in the fiction section when they should rightly be in the magazines' one.

I also noticed that there are a number of romance books on sale too. Haha! I do hope there'll be more books from other genres.

So, Malaysians, if you feel you can’t spare that much money for a brand new novel, you can just go to eBay Malaysia and check out the books there. You might just find the one you need.

I am certainly enjoying myself going through the list of books they have there. If I saw one that I like, I’ll most likely place a bid on it. Well, I’m off to eBay now!


  1. I'm still not really into all these internet shopping. Probably coz i dont own a credit card. But somehow i still think its dangerous. Weird me right? Hehe.. Thanks for sharing!

  2. -princess shin-: Hi there, thanks for visiting. Actually, this is the first time I'm buying something online. I want the experience of shopping online even if it's one time only.

    And you don't need a credit card to shop online. I chose the option to bank in to the Maybank or some other bank account. Yeah, it can be a hassle but there's no other choice.

    No, you're not weird. It's true that it can be really dangerous to indulge in online shopping. We have to take precautions that's why.


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