Saturday, February 17, 2007

Constant Content - Articles, Reviews, Blog Entries, and Tutorials for your website

I was just browsing in myLot and came across someone’s post where she wrote about selling articles in Constant Content. It’s quite an interesting concept really. It’s a website where writers can submit their articles and their articles can be about anything. You submit your articles, set a price for them, and just wait for someone to come along and buy it to put on their websites.

I have only submitted one article so far. Actually, I did not know what to write in the first place. There are so many things to write yet nothing flows out. But, I strived and thrived and finally, a new article was born. Haha!

There are two kinds of prices that you have to set. There are the usage price and unique price. The unique price is higher and once you have sold your article, you are not able to sell it off again.

Anyway, if you love to write and wish to earn something from it, check it out.

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