Saturday, December 9, 2006

The True Story of Lilli Stubeck by James Aldridge

I read this book twice and I can't wait to read it again. It tells the story of Lilli Stubeck, who arrived at the peaceful town of St Helen with her intriguing but unlikeable family. The narrator in the book is Kit Quayle. He is one of the few people whom Lilli trusts. He is able to tell this story because Lilli had left him her black book in which she had written down the events of her life in St Helen.

To begin with, Lilli's family is dirt poor and they survive by scavenging and begging. Then, there is the wealthy and powerful Miss Dalgleish. She encountered Lilli while waiting for someone and Lilli ended up doing small chores for Miss Dalgleish in exchange for a few shillings.

One day, Lilli's family decided to leave St Helen. But, Miss Dalgleish refused to let them leave with Lilli. She wanted Lilli to stay with her and she promised she would see to her education. Thus, Lilli remained in St Helen and lived in Miss Dalgleish's amazing but mysterious house surrounded by high wooden walls.

As time went by, Lilli emerged as a cultured young woman and one of the cleverest girls in school. There were also boys as well as men who showed interest in her but she simply brushed them off. Lilli continued living with Miss Dalgleish until one day, her mother and younger brother, Jackie returned unexpectedly.

This book is an absolutely good read and recommended to anyone who wants to know about the interesting and fascinating tale of a girl who does things her own way.

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