Saturday, December 9, 2006

All books no matter new or old

I've been browsing other book blogs and most of them were reviewing new books. Well, I have not bought any new books yet so I guess you will have to read my reviews on old books if you don't mind.

I started reading since I was a kid. Among the first books that my mom bought for me were the Peter and Jane series. I read about Peter, Jane, and their brown doggie, Pat. The letters were huge and that made easy reading. Hey, I was only about 5 or 6! Huge alphabets appealed to me then.

From then on, my passion for reading developed. When I was old enough to read smaller sized alphabets, my sister introduced me to Enid Blyton books. I thought the word Enid was Gnid as the signature looked like Gnid. I found out the real name in the end.

Enid Blyton was a really talented writer and had good imagination. I love her school stories such as the St Clare's books and also Malory Towers although the ideas for both series were about the same. Still, her characters had character and the story-line made me want to read more. Even though her books are for children, adults still enjoy it immensely too. I know I will never get bored of her books.

Well, you now know that I will definitely review her books here. So, be patient as they will be here soon!

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