Sunday, December 10, 2006

Spoilt for choice

That's the trouble with the Internet. There are absolutely too many/much choices leaving us poor users to crack our heads, not sure whether to choose this or that or something else we came across the other evening.

For example, I wanted to get a good-looking guestbook for this blog. Well, some are fine but some look boring. And among the fine ones, I'm not really sure which is the best, which offers the most features, etc.

Then there is the site counter to look for too. Once again, there are numerous counters for free and I didn't know which one to use. Anyway, who cares how a counter looks like right? As long as it does its job by keeping track of the number of visitors then its job is done. But, like most people nowadays, I'm looking for a counter with special or extra features. Well, guess I have to be happy and stick with my final choice before my head really cracks!

And it's the same with books too. =) There are so many books at the bookstore and we don't know which one to buy first. All look so tempting with all their attractive covers and screaming titles! But it's good. The more books, the better. Long live books!

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