Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Eating At Nasi Kandar Restaurants

Since it's Chinese New Year Day 2, some Chinese food and vegetable stalls still haven't resumed their business. At the market, at restaurants, and so on. So we either cook at home or visit the 24-hour nasi kandar restaurant!

I'm not really a fan of nasi kandar (pic below) but I do like capati, roti telur and murtabak!

Nasi kandar (nasi = rice, kandar = ??)

Roti telur (roti = bread, telur = egg)


Murtabak lembu (lembu = cow, daging lembu = beef, murtabak = ??)

It's not that expensive to eat at nasi kandar outlets. A roti telur can cost around RM1.20 and you can enjoy a glass of sweet, hot teh tarik too. If translated literally, teh tarik would be called 'pulling tea' or 'pulled tea'. It's because they sort of 'pull' the drink while making it.

Teh tarik pic taken from here

This is the teh tarik man at work. See the guy 'pulling' the tea? There are even competitions where the participants do all kinds of tricks while making teh tarik.

Pic from here

The service at nasi kandar restaurants are quite efficient. The moment you're seated, the waiter comes and takes your order. But if it's really busy, then you'll need to get the waiter's attention. While you're waiting for your food to come or even while you're eating, you can also watch TV. Not bad, eh?

The food's cheap, the service laudable and yet I've once heard some customers criticizing the waiters. One waiter took their order and went off to get their food. These customers quietly muttered among themselves, not trusting that their waiter would remember what they ordered since they made quite a long, fussy list about how they wanted their food.

I don't know what happened in the end, if the waiter got them the right food or not because my family and I were done eating and left. Hopefully the poor waiter got everything right. If not, they'll surely complain more about him! There were lots of customers that time and you know, it's busy, busy, busy!


  1. kandar is the thing they put on their shoulder. you know two basket on each side and a stick to hold both left and right.

    nowadays its hard to see kandar anymore as it was the old style :)

  2. hi josette,

    thank you for dropping by my blog. just to let you know, yes...i took those photos of penang. feel free to use the photos because they are on creative common, as long as you credit it.

    oh, i miss nasi kandar. your photos made me feel homesick

  3. Happy New Year, Josette! & I'm so homesick from looking at your pics! I so miss the food! =( I love roti telur, I think I could eat it for days. Then again, it's probably because I can't get any here. =)

  4. Faisal: Oh yes, now I remember that meaning of kandar! Thanks for the reminder. :) But what's the history of nasi kandar? How did it get that name? I was wondering about that and might Google it up. I love searching via Google!

    Jerine: Hi, thanks for coming by here too and thank you for the photo offer. :)

    Drey: Haha! Yes, when we don't have it, we feel like we could eat it every single day. But I'll surely get a little sick of eating the same thing. Thus, take everything in moderation!

    Do they sell like instant roti canai or something? Like the frozen ones sold at supermarkets here.

  5. i still remember the nasi kandar i had when im in penang, its reli nice with its originality sauce with its tender meat. NYUM! OMG im reli hungry now =(

  6. Justin: :) Guess nasi kandar's one of Penang's specialties. Too many nasi kandar restaurants around actually...

  7. Your. pictures. are. driving. me. crazy. !!! :) Missing Malaysian food. :P

  8. Mussita: Hey you, why don't you make your own roti canai there?? Haha!


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