Monday, January 26, 2009

Stephenie Meyer Books Sold Out At MPH

Mom and I went to MPH at Gurney Plaza recently. Since I don't go there often, I might as well use up the gift voucher my sis gave me for Christmas! My aim is to buy Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer but as luck would have it, that title and Eclipse are not available at MPH. They only had Twilight and New Moon.

Since I can't get BD for myself, I got these two books instead:

Inkheart by Cornelia Funke
The Tale of Despereaux by Kate DiCamillo.

This is the way to pronounce 'despereaux' => des-per-row. I just Googled it up.

It was quite frustrating when I couldn't find the Stephenie Meyer books in MPH. Since they're young adult books and also in the fantasy genre, they should be at either the Teen's or the Fantasy section. Nah. Not there.

Finally, I asked the Information section and the girl showed me where they put the books. At the Kids' section! But they did put a Bestseller word at the top of the shelf. Still, I wouldn't have thought of looking there.

And it looks like Breaking Dawn will have to wait.

Anyway, Daphne Lee of Tots To Teens in Starmag reviewed this book: Across the Nightingale Floor by Lian Hearn. It sounds like a really good book and it's definitely going to be in my To-buy list!

Happy Chinese New Year!


  1. oh great! so you got yourself another 2 books :)

    have you watched inkheart? i wanna read before watch but seem like i don't have much time to read afraid that the movie will just gone!

    so i will watch then read as i know inkheart got its trilogy too! :)

    have you read abandoned? i wrote about it before in my blog. but till now i can't get any copy of it at borders, qbay mall :(

    i did order but till now they haven't called me up :(

    its a true story tho.

  2. hey you!
    Happy CNY!

    Gong Hey Fatt "book" Choy..!

  3. Faisal: Yup, new books for me! :) No, I haven't watched it yet. Will go watch later when the ticket price drops...have to be a cheapskate now. But I'll watch it before reading the book, I think.

    No, I haven't read Abandoned. What is it about? Oh okay, I'll go to your blog and read up on it! Hmm, hope you get the book soon! :D

    zewt: Hey back at ya, Happy Chinese new Year to you too!

  4. i think at KL oso sold-out.. huhuhu...

    but no worries.. plenty of other books to buy from the bookstore. =p

  5. oooh, Inkheart!

    I was *very* happy when they cast Brendan Fraser as Mo. I had him in my head the whole time I read the book (before I knew they were making a movie), and I never knew that Cornelia Funke had him in mind when she wrote the book (I do now, of course).

    I thoroughly enjoyed Inkheart & Inkspell. The movie's okay... at least it got a better treatment than 'The Dark is Rising'.

    Am now waiting for 'Inkdeath' to come out in paperback. I have a thing for completed booksets... :p


  6. Funny - I keep seeing them Twilight books in Popular and Times... so I don't know what's the fuss about them being sold out in Kino and MPH. Meh.

  7. Jard The Great: Wow, also sold out in KL? And you're right, we can always reading other things first!

    zyrin: I'm a fan of Brendan Fraser too. He used to get the wacky roles like George of the Jungle and the loner in BeDazzled! So, I thought it's great that he's starring in Inkheart.

    Ooh, I haven't read Inkheart yet. But I'll watch the movie first. :)

    synical: Hmm, Twilight's available everywhere but the last two books in the saga are sold out.

  8. I have a suggestion..
    why don't you go for ebook instead
    The last two books are available in the net for free..

  9. Anonymous: Hi, thanks for the suggestion. But I prefer to read paperbacks rather than e-books. Gotta save on electricity and also my eyesight! :D

  10. Hi there! This might be helpful to your readers especially those who are looking for the Twilight in Chinese version. Chinese Twilight

  11. Keiz: Thanks for the links. I'm sure it'd be helpful for readers looking for the Chinese version of Twilight.


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