Friday, January 23, 2009

I Feel Like A Criminal

In my own university. I'm not allowed to drive in there because I don't have the precious car sticker on my window!

The security guards' job is to make my life miserable by slapping fines on me if they caught me. The price of the fine has increased too. In my first year of study, it was RM20. Now in my second year, they've increased it to RM30. Even illegal motorcycles seen riding in campus are forced to pay RM30.

Why are they doing this? It's obvious that they do not want students driving and parking in campus. If they let more students in, then the lecturers wouldn't have spots for their own vehicles. Ugh, but I don't even park at the lecturers' carparks. I'm not even in the campus for the whole day.

These security people are kind of cunning. They purposely hold roadblocks at any random spot at any random hour. This way, the poor unsuspecting students will need to be extra careful so as not to run into them. If they do, then it's all the best to them to try and convince the guard why he or she shouldn't be fined.

What irks me the most is that they allow visitors to come in! If you say that you're a visitor and your purpose for being there, then they'll let you in. But if you say that you're a student, they fine you. Where's the justice in that? Silly, silly, silly.


  1. i teach you one thing. bribe the security guard once sure kau tim liao! second time he catch u, just tell him "neh, you accept my bribe last time!!!" and remember to say "I STILL REMEMBER YOU!!" hahaha

  2. Aww, would love to try that but I don't think I want to. Remember the badges 'Saya anti-rasuah'?? Haha!


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